About the Center of Arbitration

The Center of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution is the leading institute in Israel for the professional management of arbitration and mediation proceedings along with enhancing awareness and promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution solutions

The CADR Israel was established by a group of lawyers, accountants and business people, all well recognized, experienced and professionals in their respective fields.

Professional and effective management of the arbitration and mediation proceedings 

International Arbitration

International arbitration is an effective and appropriate business solution for companies and individuals, who conduct business with entities abroad and wish to avoid litigating in foreign courts and within the framework of different legal systems.The CADR International offers  parties to an International dispute  a panel  of professional arbitrators and mediators, from various disciplines, and jurisdictions in cooperation with arbitrators and arbitration institutions in the world’s main business centers. 

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A neutral venue customized to the proceeding 


Unique compositions of panels

The CADR offers the parties a wide range of ADR solutions, including unique mediation panels comprising of two mediators from two different disciplines, such as engineers, physicians, psychologists, economists and accountants. Such structured the parts to reach an optimal solution in complex claims within a relatively short time. And benefitting from the combined experience and expertise of the combined panel.

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