CADR Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative solution for settling disputes, by a neutral entity which is not the court. An arbitrator is not required to have a legal education, and sometimes parties specifically appoint an arbitrator who maintain special expertise of the subject matter of their dispute, such as an accountant or an engineer.

Selecting the right arbitrator

The suitability of the arbitrator for the dispute in terms of his professional background and relevant experience in handling disputes of the type of a given dispute, constitutes an important and essential basis for the effective and professional management of the arbitration proceeding.

The CADR offers assistance in the right selection of professional arbitrators in various fields in Israel and around the world.

Arbitrator selection mechanism

The CADR provides the parties with an orderly procedure for appointing an arbitrator should the parties fail to reach an agreement on their own.

Arbitration tracks

Ordinary procedure: in which hearing dates are predetermined process.
Expedited procedure: in which hearings sessions are being conducted non-stop and are completed within 90 days.

Case Management and supervision

The parties to the arbitration, their lawyers and the arbitrators, benefit from case management services that ensure professional and effective monitoring of the proceedings. The CADR’s case management services include, inter alia, coordination and supervision of timetables, receipt of pleadings and expert opinions, transcription of hearings and dealing with all requests submitted during the arbitration. 

Additional areas of practice

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