Class Actions and Derivative Claims actions

Often class and derivative actions end in a settlement or withdrawal motion submitted for the court’s consideration and certification.

The unique mediation proceeding offered by the CADR Israel, conducted by a mediator expert in the field, helps the parties – to formulate a settlement that balances the weaknesses and strengths of each party’s arguments and situation.

The advantage of a settlement that was formulated and examined by a professional mediator who specializes in these areas, is manifested in a streamlined, expedited procedure for its certification by the court, with fewer objections to the content of the settlement itself being filed by the Attorney General and other interested parties. It may even, in appropriate cases, obviate the need for an inspector to be appointed under the auspices of the court, and the costs entailed therein.

The class and derivative action mediators are experts in consumer protection law, competition law, company law, securities law, insurance law, the retail trade and telecommunications.

Their experience in the subject and in mediation proceedings, shall assist the parties to formulate settlements and have them certified by the courts.

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