Real Estate, infrastructures and urban redevelopment

Those involved in the field of urban redevelopment are aware of the high probability of conflicts and disputes breaking out which may reach a dead end. This phenomenon is due to a special combination of factors: land belonging to a large group of private individuals, who also live in it in many cases, a particularly long statutory planning process, an inordinate time discrepancy between the entering into of contracts with the proprietors and the start of construction, and vacation, alternative housing and demolition mechanisms which do not exist in normal construction projects.
In order to provide an effective and appropriate solution which is customized to the field, we have developed complementary tools and mechanisms that serve all parties in finding effective and fair solutions, while shortening the timelines for decision-taking and progress in the project:

It is evident from the experience which we have accumulated, that use of these mechanisms saves the parties time and resources and makes a substantial contribution to the advancement of the projects and their successful completion.

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